Friday, November 16, 2012

Benghazi scandal: Petraeus said immediately afterwards that it was an al Qaeda attack

Five days after the deadly attack on our consulate in Benghazi, UN Ambassador Susan Rice appeared on all of the Sunday political talk shows and blamed the four murders on the Z-list Muhammad video. Perhaps she believed that story was true. But what really happened is that the CIA, according to closed-door testimony to a House committee given by former director David Petraeus, is the agency's briefing issued the day after declared that the attacks were the work of al Qaeda.

But another agency--was it State or Justice?--vetted Rice's talking points, which could explain why Rice blamed the tragedy on that crap YouTube video.

Conservatives were right before Election Day. The White House was at best obscuring that al Qaeda was behind the attack. Liberal Obama apologists such as the Chicago Tribune's Eric Zorn were wrong. He derided folks such as myself as "ghazzers." As in birthers.

Keep it classy, Zorn.

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