Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Bad news: Obama is apparent winner--Benghazi and green energy scandals await his second term

Our "Hope and Change" president who ran a filthy and dishonest campaign against a a decent and honorable man--has apparently won Ohio--and therefore a second term. The Democrats will maintain control of the Senate.

But the Republicans will keep the House of Representatives. The battle continues.

The good news for Obama? He won. The bad news--the next four years.

The second term will be one of the Obama scandals. The House will investigate the Benghazi murders and the green energy crony capitalism outrages. And it will continue to hammer away at Operation Fast and Furious.

It will be an unhappy second term for Obama.

And America.

UPDATE 10:30pm: On Fox News, Karl Rove is doubting the calls that Obama will win Ohio.

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