Thursday, November 01, 2012

(Audio) Obama for America phone message: Desperate campaign looking for Wisconsin volunteers

Are you lonely? Then I suggest you attend a Democratic Party of Evanston meeting and leave your phone number with the liberal at the door, as I did two years ago as a spy. They'll keep calling. And the DPOE will forward your home telephone number to headquarters--which for the next few days will be Obama for America. But by Wednesday Mitt Romney will be president-elect.

Anything else? Well, Illinoisans such as my myself will get offers, like the one I received this evening from Jeremy Bird, the OFA's national field director. He left a message for me on my answering machine--which I dutifully recorded.

Volunteer in the "critical battleground state of Wisconsin for one day," Bird promises, and in return you'll get a ticket to the "Election Night Watch Party" in Chicago at McCormick Place.

But instead of gathering in Grant Park as the cultists did four years ago, the campaign has chosen a more modest location. Oh, they're not calling it a victory party. I wonder why that is?

"This is your chance to be part of history," Bird pleads. But wasn't 2008 the historic occasion? Oh, I forgot, everything is historic with The One.

Bird, to my knowledge, is not related to Big Bird.

Just think about this item: A few months ago Wisconsin was viewed as safe territory for the Obama-Biden ticket.

As for Election Night: Is the Obama campaign worried about their ability to fill McCormick Place?

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