Friday, October 26, 2012

Early voting in Illinois: Waits up to 90 minutes, but voting Obama out is worth my time

"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little." Edmund Burke.

My conservatism is multi-faceted. I'm a traditionalist and I think unless you know you'll be out of town on Election Day--you should vote on that day.

However, there is too much at stake in this election to be a stickler for custom. My work schedule tends to be fluid--so I might not be able to vote on Election Day. And we have to remove Obama from office. He's trying to fundamentally transform us into a failed socialist state. ObamaCare is a Trojan horse that will destroy our current health care system. Actually, it already inflicted harm--you have probably noticed that your health care premiums have skyrocketed. Crony capitalism and overregulation--Dodd-Frank, for instance--as well Obama's anti-energy policy---are destroying American prosperity and our way of life.

The Obama Machine is sending its followers to the polls to vote early. Perhaps often, too. Conservatives need to beat them now and on Election Day--legally, of course.

I drove to the Skokie Village Hall this afternoon to vote--and I found out that the wait was up to one hour. I took a number and headed to Walmart to shop--even though I was told to stick around because the election judges were running out of numbers. But I still spent a lot of time waiting. When I was handed my ballot card for the touch screen machines, a judge told me that people were waiting 90 minutes to vote earlier in the day--and Monday and Tuesday were even busier.

Was the wait inconvenient for me? Not nearly as inconvenient as the economic hardships this nation has suffered over the last four years--and the next four years if Obama is reelected.

And I thought of the first John Ruberry in my family tree during my wait. Sure, it was inconvenient for him to suffer on a rat-infested ship for two months so he could escape the Irish potato famine. But America offered him real hope and change--and a place to utilize his talents--without having to tip his hat to his English landlord when he rode past.

Patriots: Get out there and vote--even if you have to wait a while. And do what I did and vote for the Romney-Ryan ticket. The American way of life is at stake. 

And I have hope that Romney can win Illinois. "Just a fool's hope" is what Gandalf said of Frodo's mission to destroy the ring of power in the Return of the King film.

I have a fool's hope too.

UPDATE October 28: Oh...yes, you do need a valid photo ID to participate in early voting in Illinois. Not that I'm worried about Romney supporters having one...

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