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Illinois corruption 9/4/12: Pat Quinn's vote fraud pardon

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Gov. Pat Quinn, who twice ran on a ticket with Rod Blagojevich--benefitting from the hair-brained one's dirty money--spoke at the Democratic National Convention this evening. I worked late--so I missed his yawn-inducing sermon. What Quinn certainly didn't talk about was his recent pardon of Juan Elias, who heads the Chicago Sun-Times calls "1st Ward Ald. Joe Moreno's new 'independent Democratic political organization.'"

Joe Moreno is of course the alderman who first raised a stink over Chick Fil-A opening a restaurant in his ward because its CEO doesn't support gay marriage.

But back to Elias: Despite his criminal record, he managed to nab a job with the Chicago Health Department. I'm of the opinion that a rap sheet should put applicants for public-sector jobs at the end of the line. After all, the Left claims public service is a higher calling.

From the Sun-Times:
Elias' first conviction was for stealing the tires and radio from a car in 1984. The following year, the Chicago Police arrested him with three large bags of marijuana that had a street value of about $4,400, records show. The police said Elias was affiliated with the Latin Lovers gang.

Then a Cook County grand jury indicted him for felony mutilation of election materials during a failed run for 26th Ward Democratic committeeman in 1996.

Elias says he didn’t know it was illegal to take a supporter’s absentee ballot and mail it for her, but pleaded guilty to a reduced charge and was sentenced to 18 months of probation.

Asked about the pardon, Quinn spokeswoman Brooke Anderson says the governor “reviews each petition carefully and makes his decisions based on the merits."
Quinn granted Elias a full pardon in December. His pardon application was made in 2007--when Blago was governor. The Sun-Times says that three Democratic politicians, US Rep. Luis Guiterrez, Moreno's predecessor as 1st Ward Alderman, Manny Flores--he's now an official in the Quinn administration--and current Chicago city clerk Susana Mendoza, wrote letters of support for Elias.

Quinn's pardon allowed for Elias' criminal history to be expunged last month.

Now he's in charge of a Democratic organization. Will Elias be part of any Obama-Biden get-out-the-vote efforts?

Ain't Illinois great?

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