Friday, August 24, 2012

(Video) Paul Ryan: America needs leaders

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan spoke outside of Detroit earlier today. Here's a portion of Ryan's address:

"We got a big decision to make," Ryan said. "We are going to be deciding the kind of country we want to be, the kind of country we are going to have, not just for the next four years, but for a generation. President Obama has put our nation on a path to debt, to doubt, and a nation in decline. And it’s up to us to get this country back on the right track and to retrieve the American idea, and that is the kind of leadership that Mitt Romney is going to provide for our country. The problem we’ve had is President Obama and too many politicians like him in Washington have been more concerned about their next election than they have been about the next generation, and that has to end. And we need leaders."

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