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Occupy Chicago May Day video: Teamsters boss swats down my camera

Donnie Von Moore, May 1, 2012
While I'm don't feel the need to go over the specifics of my appearance at the Occupy Chicago May Day march earlier today, let's just say there is a noticeable age difference between Rebelpundit and I. Secondly, my voice is a couple of octaves higher than his.

So I find it odd that Donnie Von Moore, who is the president of Teamsters Local 743, confused me with him.

About halfway into the march, Rebelpundit spoke with Moore.

He was polite with the local president as you will learn in his video.

Rebelpundit mentioned to Moore there was a "large presence communist, socialist and anarchist organizations" at the march and queried if he had "a problem marching in solidarity with them" or if believed if they represented something separate from his union stands for.

Moore replied, "No, I don't have a problem."

But when he spoke at the concluding rally at Federal Plaza downtown, he seemed put off by Rebelpundit's questioning.

And he told the crowd that all of those groups comprise "the 99 percent."

But I asked Moore a few minutes after his speech if he supported communism--while of course wrongly assuming that I was Rebelpundit, he anwsered, "No."

The people united will never be defeated.

He wondered why I was asking him questions--I had to point out to Moore that he was a public figure. After all, he's the president of a union local who had just given a speech at an outdoor rally.

Moments later, a Teamsters member who was also covering the event followed up my questioning.

But the sound system drowned out their conversation--still, Moore, a physically imposing man who is about 6'5'', ordered me to stop videotaping. I could barely hear him--and I told him so--but that didn't stop him from swatting my camcorder down. Luckily, my grip on the camera was firm and my device will be hard at work at the May 20 Occupy Chicago anti-NATO summit march.

Moore--you're a thug. And if you don't want to reply to questions, all you have to do is walk away.

Oh, see you on May 20.

And finally, yes, there was a large presence of "communist, socialist and anarchist organizations" at the march.

For instance...

And there were these chaps...

As well as these anarchist fellows..

UPDATE May 2 10am:

Bill Baar's West Side found some interesting news about Moore. From FightBack!News: Another election stolen in Teamsters Local 743?

UPDATE May 2 12:50pm: 

Watch as a New York City anti-illegal immigrant group is attacked.

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Anonymous said...

Vile, terrorist scum ... all of them.

Anonymous said...

dude I am a conservative but the whole "you barely holding onto the camera" and trying to make a deal about his "imposing size" is ridiculous.

Marathon Pundit said...

'Anonymous' conservative: Well, had I not held on to my camera tightly--it would have been destroyed. I don't think he would have bought a new one for me.

Also, as I wrote, all the Teamster boss had to do was walk away.