Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Liberal Reagan rewrites are wrong

In order to paint Mitt Romney as an arch conservative, liberals are attempting to transform Ronald Reagan into one of them. And no, they're not referring to the 1930s New Deal 'Dutch' Reagan--who possessed a deep and pronounced love of this nation that most 21st-century libs lack--but to the Republican Gipper.

Yes, Reagan, while governor of California, signed a bill that effectively legalized abortion-on-demand in the Golden State. But as Warner Todd Huston writes in Publius Forum, the "health of the mother" clause of the bill was interpreted by doctors in a way that astounded even its Democratic sponsor. In his presidential campaigns Reagan always expressed profound regret for signing that legislation.

Earlier today President Obama had the audacity to claim that his so-called Buffett Rule on taxes--which would target a measly 400 people--should be called the Reagan Rule. The greatest president of my lifetime did bemoan the ability of the wealthy to take advantage of tax breaks that the middle class didn't have access to--but Reagan wanted low tax rates for everyone as well as the elimination of tax loopholes.

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