Friday, April 20, 2012

Big Labor's so-called rift with Dems over

Blogging from FreedomWork' BlogCon in Charlotte.

The so-called rift from last year between Big Labor and the Democrats was as phony as Joe Biden's hairline.

Reuters kind of spells it out.
One year ago, organized labor was threatening a break with President Barack Obama for being too willing to compromise with Republicans on issues like the debt ceiling, Bush tax cuts, free trade and workplace legislation.

Union leaders said they would no longer walk in lock step with Democratic politicians if they did not support labor's agenda, and hinted at more campaigns like the $10 million they spent in an unsuccessful bid to defeat Democratic Senator Blanche Lincoln in the 2010 Arkansas primary.

But that was last year.

Now, with former executive Mitt Romney likely to win the Republican presidential nomination, tight election races looming in November and attacks on unions by Republicans in state governments, labor is firmly back in the Democratic fold.
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