Thursday, March 15, 2012

Video: Occupy Denver with "F*ck the Police" signs disrupts TV reporter's live report

Not safe for work video!

For the third straight day, I am reporting on an Occupy Denver occtrocity. Last week a Fox 31 reporter, Eli Stokols, had his live report from Denver's Civic Center Park ruined by Occupy protesters. One was holding a 'F*ck the Police' sign and other held one declaring that the 'Police Are the Army of the Rich' while barking "freedom of speech."

"If you want to act like grownups," Stokols told the adult adolescents, "then we can have a conversation." Unfortunately the reporter uses the "F" word as he vainly attempts to educate the leftists.

As for "FTP," as I've reported last month, Occupy Denver participated in a "F*ck the Police" march last month, although they said that the event, where five protesters were arrested, was not an official Occupy Denver demonstration. But on its website, Occupy Denver said that four of those protesters participating in the non-Occupy march were part of their group.

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Rynk said...

She was smokin hot! I wonder if she'e married?

John Ruberry said...

Well, her political views certainly aren't attractive...and for anyone else...don't watch the video for the reason mentioned above.