Saturday, March 03, 2012

Romney wins Washington Caucuses

Washington Park, Chicago
Mitt Romney won today's Washington Caucuses. As of this writing the former Massachusetts governor has a 38 percentage share of the vote, Ron Paul and Rick Santorum are at 24 percent. Newt Gingrich trails with only 11 percent.

Live television isn't easy--so perhaps Bret Baier would like to take back his line that Romney's win was "overwhelming." It wasn't--and that is one Mitt's problems. His victories are squeakers or polite triumphs. The underlying reasons are clear--doubts about his conservatism, Romneycare--but think along the lines of college football. Even if a team is undefeated--the squads need blowout wins to seal the deal and receive that coveted top ranking in the AP and ESPN polls. Think along the lines of Florida State and Nebraska in the 1990s and their overwhelming wins against weak competition.

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