Friday, March 23, 2012

Occupy occtrocities: Occupy Wall Street is broke edition

Occupy Wall Street has proved that it is even more inept than the Obama administration when it comes to managing money. After just six months, it is broke.

Also in New York, you will learn in my related post that the immature protesters there taunted police officers with donuts on strings.

And Michael Moore erupted again.

Big Government: Occupy Wall Street is broke
San Francisco Chronicle: Occupy activists pitch tents in Oakland park
NECN: Occupy protester convicted of trespass in Maine
AP: SC House moving quickly to toss protesters
The Blaze: 'No Chores': Occupy's May Day strike targets 1 percent and…parents?
Big Government: Occupy Wall Street tries to occupy Union Square
NewsOne: How Occupy Wall Street co-opted the Million Hoodie March
Business Insider: New docs show Occupy Wall Street was a political nightmare for Obama's Homeland Security Department
WyBlog: DHS, IRS told to avoid monitoring #Occupy, but focus intently on Tea Party
Radio Netherlands Worldwide: Court orders Occupy Amsterdam to dismantle
The Blaze: 'Real News' panel ponders: what's the fate of OWS?
From Michael Moore. Monterey County Weekly: To kill the greed beast, you must chop off its head, and that means continually targeting Wall Street
KATV-TV: Homeless man arrested at Occupy Little Rock for 2010 crime
Boston Globe: Two protesters held after Occupy march
You mean they haven't started? Rolling Stone: Why Occupy needs to start making demands
Save Jersey: Guest Post: An open letter to Occupy Wall Street from a New York City police officer
Citizen WElls: Obama statements on capitalism echoed by Occupy movement and 1984, Obama Hyde Park Citizen 1995 interview, Income inequality, Orwellian lies
The Right Scoop: Obama 1995: 'Scapegoat' the top 5%

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Video: Occupy brats taunt cops with donuts on strings

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