Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Occupy occtrocities: Miami raid, threat to kill Denver cop edition

Crony capitalism breeds failure
Fewer but more egregious occtrocities to report on this morning. Police raided Occupy Miami yesterday, the Huffington Post reports. Its members, who were not referred to as 'mostly peaceful,' were queried about weapons.

Yesterday I reported about Occupy Denver and scabies. Today I am passing on news of the arrest of an Occupy Denver member.

From the Denver Post:
Corey Donahue, an Occupy Denver protester arrested three times before, was taken into custody Monday after he allegedly threatened to kill a Denver police officer and tried to pull him from a cruiser.

The officer was in a marked police cruiser at a stop light at Broadway and 14th Avenue at about 9:45 p.m. and recognized Donahue, 29, when he ran toward the car screaming insults and threatening to kill the cop. Donahue then plunged his hand through the open driver's window, allegedly hitting the officer in the face while he was holding a black object in his hand that police later said was a cellphone. When the officer pulled forward, Donahue followed, police said, and yelled for the officer to return his phone.
"It's going to be funny when your families are slaughtered in the street," the 'mostly peaceful' occupier reportedly screamed as he was being arrested.

Sexual assaults have been a problem at Occupy camps. Big Government reports on an alleged rape at the soon-to-be closed Occupy New Haven camp.

An anti-Occupy group, Occupy Occupy DC, will erect a mock graveyard to mark the crony capitalism failures of the Obama administration. They'll need a lot of land.

Huffington Post: Occupy Miami apartment building raided by police; members reportedly questioned about weapons
Denver Post: Occupy protester accused of assaulting Denver officer
Big Government: #Occupyrape: Sexual assault at Occupy New Haven
Norwich Bulletin: Occupy New Haven facing deadline to leave Green
Amy Ridenour's National Center Blog: Occupy Occupy DC to create graveyard of Obama's crony capitalist failures near White House
The Atlantic Wire: How Occupy Wall Street spent $700,000 in six months
Hyperbole alert. Mountain Xpress: Ides of March: Occupy Asheville will celebrate "Tyrannicide Day" March 15

UPDATE 12:00pm Noon: Occupy Denver's Corey Donahue is well known to local police, as Westword reported in December.

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