Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Citing Occupy protests, California bank branch closes

The Occupy movement bemoans the lack of jobs. But the occupiers are jobs-killers. The Occupy Wall Street protest camp in Zuccotti Park forced the Milk Street Cafe to close in December--nearly 100 employees lost their jobs. Yes, I know, the OWS socialists claim to represent the workers.

On the west coast there is a a new victim. From the Bellingham Herald:
Citing chronic disruption of business by Occupy movement activists and authorities' refusal to disperse protesters, Minnesota-based U.S. Bank has closed its branch office on the UC Davis campus.

The future of the relationship – and fiscal obligations – between UCD and U.S. Bank is now in limbo, with a possible legal battle looming.

In a March 1 letter to UC regents, U.S. Bank Senior Vice President Daniel Hoke said Occupy protesters had intermittently blocked the door to the Memorial Union bank branch since January.

The bank chose to close during some of those protests.
The article goes on to say the workers that the occupiers profess to love felt imprisoned in the bank. There is no mention of layoffs by the Herald, but it's hard to imagine that a closing of a branch would not lead to some.

Power to the People! Right on!

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Relationship Banking said...

For those involved, the blockade became a daily ritual. Protesters -- typically numbering around 15 -- would arrive around noon, followed by an officer from the campus police department.