Saturday, January 28, 2012

Occupy occtrocities: 6,000 arrests edition

Police at Occupy Chicago
As you will read below, the Occupy movement celebrated its 6,000th arrest this week.

Today I report on more arrests, evictions, and other occtrocities, including a story about a man who was arrested while dressed as Lady Gaga.

Los Angeles Times: Occupy D.C. protesters warned: Stop camping or risk arrest
AP: Occupy Charlottesville protesters found guilty of trespassing
AP: Final Occupy Reno protester arrested
Guardian: Occupy protesters evicted from empty London office block
BBC: New Occupy protest in City of London sees three arrests
Weasel Zippers: OWS-founder and class warrior Elizabeth Warren: "I think it's wrong" the way Romney earns his income…
Gateway Pundit: Multimillionaire leftist Elizabeth Warren says she's not wealthy (Video)
Park Record: Lady Gaga-dressed man arrested at Occupy protest on Main Street
AP: Oakland officials warn Occupy protesters they won't allow group to take over vacant building
Newsbusters: WashPost columnist: Occupy DC protesters just like Yogi Bear
Conservative Byte: Winter thaw: Occupy plotting spring chaos
The Occupy movement slams Citizens United, but...The Lonely Conservative: Obama and Democrats slam PACs and secret money while creating their own secret money PACs.
FrontPageMag: Soros's 'glee' over OWS violence
Ed Driscoll at PJM: Steal this book!

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