Saturday, January 21, 2012

Month after 49 occupiers arrested for storming church owned lot; NY Episcopals praise OWS

The embracement of the Occupy Wall Street movement by some mainline Protestant denominations continues to astound me.

Last month 49 OWSers were arrested for trespassing after a mob stormed a vacant lot owned by Trinity Wall Street Episcopal Church. Some crawled under the fence surrounding the property, some tried to climb over it with ladders. One of those arrested was a man with two warrants; police found five pairs of bolt cutters in his backpack, presumably for cutting through the chain link fence.

Those that made it past the fence, CBS New York reported, chanted "Make them catch you" as well as obscenities.

In a statement, Rev. Dr. James H. Cooper, the rector of Trinity Church, wrote, "It is regrettable that Occupy members feel it is necessary to provoke potential legal and police action by attempting to trespass on other parish property… I would urge all concerned to stand down and seek justice in ways that do not further alienate potential allies."

And in a letter obtained by the New York Observer, the church stated, "Trinity's position has been consistent and clear. Trinity has provided meeting and gathering spaces as well as a tranquil place at church facilities in and around Wall Street."

How should you respond to ingrates? Praise them if you are Episcopalian clergy.

The Episcopal Diocese of New York, which governs the New York City area and the lower Hudson River valley, issued a fawning statement about the Occupy movement during its annual convention this week.

This passage is representative of the whole:
[1] that the Occupy movement has shed light on the challenges we face as both citizens and followers of Jesus Christ;

[2] that unfettered capitalism has resulted in unacceptable inequities within the fabric of our society;

[3] that non-violent protests and direct actions of the Occupy movement, including actions of conscientious civil disobedience, have a time honored place in the formation and growth of a more civil society;
Did the resolution, which "passed with a large majority," mention the uncivil disobedient barbarians storming the fence at Trinity Wall Street Church? Of course not.

Since September, when the Occupy Wall Street movement began in lower Manhattan, there have been nearly 6,000 arrests, two murders, and numerous rapes and assaults.

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