Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Video: Joe Walsh questions NPS director on Occupy DC; occupiers get port-a-potties cleaned out by NPS

National Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis testified in front of the House Oversight Committee about Occupy DC's rat-infested camp near the capital's K Street lobbying hub.

Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL) question Jarvis on a statement he made earlier, that the group was being treated "differently" because 'Occupy' was in the group's name.

The McPherson Square "Obamaville" is one of the few Occupy camps left in the country. There has been speculation that the group has been getting special treatment because of its far-left political stance.

Jarvis backtracks a bit, but then the Tea Party freshman from Chicago's northwestern suburbs plays a video made by his staff where the occupiers laud the helpfulness of the NPS, which clean out their port-a-potties three times a week. "The Park Service has defended our right to be here," one occupier said.

The director is planning a clampdown of Occupy DC, but Jarvis fell short of doing what most municipalities have done: tell them to leave.

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