Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Occupy occtrocities: Death toll at 9 edition

Not that Bristol
Wizbang got its calculator out and has come up with a new Occupy death total: Nine

Wizbang: Occupy death toll now at 9
This Is Bristol: Occupy Bristol's empty protest: 30 tents – but only 2 in use overnight
Louisville Courier-Journal: Occupy Louisville vows to fight city's attempt to take down tents
Gateway Pundit: Far left Obama-Media declares #Occupy criminals, creeps & killers are sexy
Sacramento Bee: Jerry Brown thinks Occupy movement unlikely to help tax bid
Why is there doubt? San Francisco Chronicle: Governor: Oakland can and should keep port open
Bellingham Herald: Occupy Bellingham campers to be evicted from park Wednesday morning
Fox 11 Tucson: Judge rules against Occupy Tucson protesters
Atlantic Wire: Who would you trust with your money: GE or Occupy?
AP: Occupy activists plan to disrupt Iowa Republican caucuses
Lonely Conservative: Occupy the Iowa Caucuses?
Barf alert: NPR: With so many voices, is occupy movement too big to succeed?
American Power: More Democrat assploding 'We are the 99%' hypocrisy
AP: Huntington considers requiring permit for camping in public places in wake of Occupy protest
Telegraph: Occupy are not the solution: they embody the problem
OWS Exposed: Army of occupy lawyers file lawsuits from coast-to-coast
Scripps-Howard: Patience with D.C. Occupy-ers is wearing thin
This Is London: Occupy London protesters take over Shoreditch courthouse
Naked DC: Shockingly, economic downturn failed to affect Congress
Stuff: Occupy Auckland movement losing steam

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