Friday, December 02, 2011

Obama crony alert: Hyatt seeks to slash Chicago workers' health care

Occupy Chicago
President Obama's crony Penny Pritzker, the billionaire co-chair of the National Finance Committee for his 2008 presidential campaign and his Presidential Inaugural Committee, also sits on the board of Hyatt Hotels.

The AFL-CIO blog is blowing the whistle on Hyatt. Again.
Since 2009, more than 1,500 employees of four Hyatt hotels in Chicago have been fighting for a fair contract. Now the company is threatening to strip away their health coverage if they don’t abandon their fight and call off their boycotts.
Pritzker currently is serving on Obama's Council for Jobs and Competitiveness.

On the positive side, if the UNITE HERE union members at the Hyatt lose their health care coverage, they'll be able to fall back on ObamaCare in 2014.

If you go to UNITE HERE's Congress Hotel Strike page, you'll see this Obama quote: "I'll be back on that picket line as president of the United States."

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