Thursday, December 22, 2011

Media bias: Tribune reporter Annie Sweeney still won't mention Obama when reporting on his crony Rezko

Former Rezko mansion, site of a key
Obama fundraiser
Convicted political-fixer Antoin "Tony" Rezko was in court today where he received some good news. After he was found guilty of extortion and fraud, the onetime Chicago North Shore resident pleaded guilty to fraud charges surrounding the sales of his pizza restaurants. Rezko's judge ruled that the fallen businessman can serve his sentences concurrently.

The author of the Chicago Tribune article about the Rezko's latest day in court, Annie Sweeney, once again neglected to mention the crook's ties to President Obama. Rezko was deeply involved in the Obama's political career in its early days; Rezko was Obama's first political sponsor--he broke with incumbent congressman Bobby Rush when Obama challenged him in the 2000 Democratic primary--and Rezko held a crucial fundraiser for "O" at his mansion in 2003 when he was a decided underdog in the race for an open US Senate in Illinois.

But most notoriously, in a story that ironically Sweeney's Trib broke, Rezko assisted, through his wife Rita, in the purchase of Obama's South Side Chicago mansion in 2005 by acquiring, then selling back a piece of it, the infamous "Rezko lot."

Yes, Rezko was closer, much closer to fellow criminal Rod Blagojevich. But Sweeney and the Tribune is committing a sin of omission by leaving out Obama in its Rezko coverage.

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