Thursday, December 08, 2011

Human Events: Tea Party congressman Walsh running in Ill. 8th

Walsh with Marathon Pundit
Sometime later this evening Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL)--who previously announced he will be running in the new 14th congressional district but has since said he may run in the 8th--will make his final choice. But Human Events is reporting that Walsh will seek reelection in the latter district. Currently Walsh represents the 8th, but a gerrymandered congressional remap drawn by Democratic party bosses in Springfield turned the northwest suburban Chicago district into a Dem-leaning constituency.

So that's why Walsh chose December 8th to make his announcement.

Rep. Randy Hultgren of St. Charles currently represents the 14th; Walsh lives in McHenry, which is in the new 14th. Hultgren is also a Republican but Walsh is viewed as the more conservative of the two by Tea Party GOPers.

UPDATE 8:00pm: Walsh's campaign just sent out an email blast about the news.

Says Walsh:
After much soul searching and discussions with my wife Helene, friends, and supporters, I am here tonight to announce that I will stand for re-election in the 8th district of Illinois. During my short time in Congress, I have done everything I can to reverse the failed policies of Obama and Pelosi. I am running for re-election to fight for those in my district who feel like they are losing their country. For the small businesses who are over regulated and for the families who feel overtaxed. I believe the silent majority of voters in Schaumburg, Addison, Elk Grove Village, Bloomingdale, and across the district think government is too big, our debt is unconscionable, they don't have another nickel to give to government, and they want the government off their backs so they can work and raise their families.
Walsh adds that he does not want to surrender the 8th to the Democrats.

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