Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Friday news dump: Obama to return Corzine cash

Another Obama news dump
President Obama continued his devotion to the Friday news dump. This afternoon, his campaign and the Democratic National Committee announced that it was returning $71,600 in contribution made by former New Jersey senator and governor Jon Corzine, who was once considered to run Obama's Treasury Department.

After Republican Chris Christie defeated Corzine, the ousted governor ran MF Global, where he managed to lose track of $1.2 billion in client money.

Accidents happen...

As many people took today off from work because tomorrow is Christmas Eve, this is a great dumping day for Obama.

To counteract the dump, tell everyone you know about this news. Tweet it, put it on your Facebook profile, open your window and yell..."slow news day" be damned.

For the first two, look to the left of this post for the social media widgets.

Candidate Obama used to decry cynicism. Well, his news dumps make me cynical.

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