Sunday, October 30, 2011

Video: Alinsky lives, Occupy Chicago protester suggests treat-or-treating at Rahm's house

The godfather of extreme-left protesters is Saul Alinksy. It was the "Rules for Radicals" author who first envisaged the obnoxious tactic of protesting not at the offices of people they disagreed with--but at their homes.

Last night, in front of just 125 leftists, an Occupy Chicago speaker proposed trick-or-treating on Halloween at Rahm Emanuel's North Side home. I'm not sure if this resolution was adopted, but the next speaker repeatedly called out the new mayor's home address, which I'm not listing here.

Our guy here says, in the Marathon Pundit exclusive video, "This might be a better operation (followed by "human microphone" zombie-chanting), if it was carried out on an individual basis (more chanting).

About the human microphone: The Occupy folks says they do this because the police in some cities are preventing them using bullhorns and sound systems at their protests. Okay, fine. But you can hear this speaker quite clearly--so I'm going to stick with my original analysis in which I called it cult-like chanting.

As for trick-or-treating on Halloween at Emanuel's home: Good luck, radicals, I'm sure the police won't let you get past the sidewalk in front of the mayor's house.

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