Wednesday, June 08, 2011

What they are saying: Pawlenty economy speech

Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlwenty gave a major economic speech in Chicago yesterday--which has gone over very well. Anne Leary of Backyard Conservative liked it. And so did a lot of other folks, as the Pawlenty campaign says in a press release:

What They Are Saying: Pawlenty Economy Speech

"Now that Mr. Pawlenty has laid down his marker, what do his competitors have to offer?" -Wall Street Journal, Editorial, 6/8/2011

"You've got what I would call a blockbuster tax cutting growth plan." -Larry Kudlow, The Kudlow Report, 6/7/2011

"It was a strong speech. He did well. I think his plan is a good one…What is interesting is the way he wove in he presentation of the numbers. The policy specifics. Again the attack on the way the president sees America. Pawlenty said he has a fundamentally world view, different world view than Americans do." -Stephen Hayes, The Weekly Standard, 6/7/2011

"Governor Pawlenty has proposed strong, pro-growth tax and budget reforms that will spur economic growth and create jobs. He is exactly right in calling for cleaning up the tax code by instituting flatter tax rates and eliminating tax loopholes and giveaways." -Chris Chocola, Club for Growth, 6/7/2011

"Good stuff all around, boosting both investment and possibly family formation. Also recognizes how the current code encourages an unholyalliance between Big Business and Big Government." -James Pethokoukis, Reuters, 6/7/2011

"Pawlenty presented himself as someone who not only understood the economy, but who understood how exceptional America is, something Republicans have repeatedly insisted that President Obama does not recognize." -Alexis Levinson, The Daily Caller, 6/7/2011

"The Republican presidential candidate came to President Barack Obama's backyard and delivered his first major policy speech at the University of Chicago. Pawlenty came out swinging, leveling charges that the Obama administration is playing class warfare and killing job growth with over-regulation." -Alexis Garcia, Pajamas Media, 6/7/2011
Yesterday morning the former Minnesotat governor talked about the then-upcoming Chicago speech.

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