Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two Russian army World War I pics

In Mrs. Marathon Pundit's vast collection of old family photos comes these two anomalies. The man pictured is Ivan Skonov, Mrs. MP is unaware of any Russian ancestors on her family tree. Could those be plans for the ill-fated Battle of Tannenberg on Skonov's right?

I believe that is Skonov on the bottor right of the second photograph. The picture, obviously another studio shot, is dated 1915.

World War I was a disaster for Russia--and the world. The collapse of the Czar's government led to 74 years of communism accompanied by Soviet attempts to destablize much of the world.

Millions died.

If you enjoy vintage photographs, I recommend that you visit Dr. X's Free Associations.

UPDATE 10:45pm CDT: Here's one more picture, not sure who these soldiers are, but they are Russian Great War troops.

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