Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tea Party Saturday roundup; Chicago rally Monday

Joe Walsh at 9/12 Tea Party,
Morton Grove, IL
America was blessed with many Tea Party events yesterday. American Power reports on the one he attended in southern California. Sarah Palin spoke at a Madison, Wisconsin Tea Party, which was filled with nasty left wing counter-protesters of the type I wrote about last night. Here is one of many Madison posts from Ann Althouse. Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty spoke at a Des Moines rally, as did former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain. Donald Trump gave his first Tea Party speech in south Florida. Rep. Allen West (R-FL), a favorite of the patriot set, spoke at the same event.

Up the road on Interstate 95, conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart told union goons to "Go to hell" in Jacksonville.

There were a lot of Tea Party rallies on Friday. The blogprof reports on one in Portland, Oregon--where a black speaker was taunted with the pejorative "Uncle Tom" by tolerant leftists. Conservative journalist Andrew Breitbart told union goons to "Go to hell" in Jacksonville.

Monday will be Tea Party Day in Chicago's Loop, Herman Cain, who like West is an African-American, will be the featured speaker at that celebration. Joining him will be Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL), John Tillman of the Illinois Policy Institute, and former Illinois gubernatorial candidate Adam Andrzejewski. That event begins at 12:00pm noon at Daley Plaza.

Click here to view a Cain video.

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