Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Obama union payback continues: This time it's the National Mediation Board

We move from NLRB to NMB: It's an alphabet soup to choke on.

Big Labor continues to bask from the blessings of the Obama administration. Until the National Meditation Board changed the rules last year, a majority of workers in union elections not a majority of workers voting, were needed to unionize a workforce. The NMB has become another union shill--thanks to President Obama's appointments to it.

Yesterday news came that Big Labor "won" an election--the reservations and fleet employees at AirTran Airways are now represented by the machinists' union, the Workforce Fairness Institute blog tells us.

The NMB released results from that election, 994 voted for the union, 870 voted against it, but 36 percent did not vote.

Fortunately, the House of Representatives will soon vote on the FAA Reauthorization Bill that will overturn the new NMB rule on elections.

Let's hope the House returns fairness to union elections.

Big Labor contributed a fortune in cash to elect Obama. SEIU alone spent $60 million.

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