Thursday, February 17, 2011

Illinois atttracts Wisconsin business--its state Senate

Ever since Illinois raised its personal income tax rate by 67 percent, and its corporate tax rate by 46 percent, other states have been eying Illinois business. But Illinois hosted the Wisconsin state Senate for a while today. The Rockford Tea Party discovered them first at the Best Western there, and then at its Clock Tower Resort. These "public servants" fled Wisconsin's state capitol to prevent a quorum so the upper chamber can't vote on curtailing public service unions.

The difference between Illinois and Wisconsin is that Pat Quinn, the Prairie State governor, is that Quinn gives these unions whatever they want. Which is why despite his massive tax hike, Quinn wants to borrow $8 billion.

But hey, it's business for Illinois and hard-press Rockford.

Back in Madison, Ann Althouse shows the mess that the public employee protesters left behind at the capitol.

And Doug Ross has 16 of the "best" hate posters from the Madison rally.

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