Sunday, February 13, 2011

Falun Gong protesters in Washington

The Marathon Pundit family did a little sightseeing in Washington this afternoon and we encountered some Falun Gong meditators in the National Mall, adjacent to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Falun Dafa is an alternate name for the movement, which incorporates breathing exercises, meditation, and morality into its practices. Falun Gong is brutally suppressed in China, the Communist imprison and torture practitioners--some of been tortured to death.

While President Obama has been quite critical of Israel--our closest ally in the Middle East--in regards to settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, if he's uttered a word about China's abysmal human rights record--I've missed it. Yet he honored President Hu Jintao with a state dinner last month.

And one mile away from the White House this afternoon, Falun Gong protesters are declaring that the Destruction of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) is mandated the Heaven. I believe them.

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Anonymous said...

i've heard a lot about how bad the Communist in China is. no matter how strong the economy becomes, if they don't solve the human rights issue, nothing really means a thing to me. i hope obama will speak for human rights issues in china, especially on Falun Gong, and tell the CCP to stop killing and persecuting everyone that has different views and ideas.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the movement of quitting CCP for 6 years in China is a preparation for fundamental change in China very soon,just like what happened in Egypt. Falun gong plays key role in this movement.