Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pure Michigan's winter campaign will be cancelled

The Great Lakes State's Pure Michigan marketing campaign has been generally regarded as a successful one. In fact, they've even changed its "Welcome to Michigan" signs to incorporate the theme. Last year, Forbes Magazine ranked it among its top 10 tourism of campaigns of all time.

Michigan has cold winters. Cold means snow, which brings downhill skiers to the hillier parts of the state, and cross country skiers to the flatter regions. Tourism means money, of which there is not a lot of in Michigan.

The state legislature slashed funds from this fall's Pure Michigan campaign, which is targeted to residents in states such as Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. There were fewer autumn ads, and the Detroit Free Press is reporting that the winter campaign--the ski lift if you prefer, will be cancelled, barring a drastic turn of events.

Spring and fall Pure Michigan efforts are in peril, too.

But  Pure Michigan worked for me, as you will read below.

Governor-elect Rick Snyder, a Republican, wants to restore the funding as soon as possible.

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