Sunday, August 29, 2010

Glenn Beck restores honor

I wasn't on the National Mall yesterday for Glenn Beck's Restoring Honor rally--but I wish I had been. By all accounts it was a massive crowd--NBC says 300,000. Beck's fellow Fox News analyst Bill O'Reilly predicted 40,000, and this liberal know-it-all (aren't they all?) agreed with him.

Have some spare time today? You can watch the entire 3 hour and 30 minute rally here.

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John Paolozzi said...

Yeah, that guy is all about honour... except maybe that time he called a rival dj's wife on air after she had a miscarriage, and made fun of her.

Or maybe the fact that he keeps talking about how America is going down the toilet, and that the only safe investment is gold, and then being on the payroll of gold sellers.

Yeah, other than that, he's all about the honour and stuff.

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