Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Tea Party Express brings Angle to victory in Nevada

Most Americans, heck, most Nevadans, hadn't heard of Sharron Angle a few months ago. But my friends with the Tea Party Express changed that--she came out of nowhere to achieve a double-digit victory over two better-known opponents. TPX, which started its last freedom caravan in Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's Nevada hometown, enthusiastially endorsed Angle.

From a Tea Party Express press release:

(LAS VEGAS) -- The Tea Party Express wishes to congratulate Republican U.S. Senate candidate, Sharron Angle, on a fantastic victory in tonight's GOP primary.

"We said all along that once the voters of Nevada were introduced to Sharron Angle they would embrace her principled conservative views, and today Nevada Republicans put their confidence behind Angle," said Joe Wierzbicki, Coordinator of the Tea Party Express.

"It's been an honor to campaign in support of Sharron Angle. She's been an inspiration to me, showing that one need not sell out their beliefs and principle to achieve electoral victory," said Tiffiny Ruegner, Director of Field Operations for the Tea Party Express.

"We announced earlier today our commitment to invest more than $1 million to defeat Harry Reid in November, and we look forward to sending the Senate Majority Leader back to Searchlight for an early retirement," said Bryan Shroyer, Political Director of the Tea Party Express.

"Woohoo! As a native Nevadan I am so excited to see my fellow Silver State Republicans deliver such a convincing victory for Sharron Angle. Now it's time to take this momentum and propel her to victory over Senator Reid. Reid has failed our state and caused the people of Nevada an immense amount of suffering," said Dustin Stockton, spokesperson for the Tea Party Express.
The Democrats are decrying Angle's "controversial" views, which include privatizing social security--we get, what, a two percent return on it?--and dumping the Department of Education, which is something Ronald Reagan campaigned on in 1980. Of the money the department collects, eighty percent of it is sent back to the schools, the rest, I guess, goes to "overhead." Keep in the cash in the states.

As for Reid getting the opponent he wanted: Well, so did Jimmy Carter back in '80. He won five states.

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