Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Obama heckled by reporter at "press conference"

No Cheering in the Press Box is the title of a book about sportswriters written by one of the greatest sportswriters, the late Jerome Holtzman.

So if press cheering is frowned upon at media events, it makes sense that heckling is too. But a member of the White House press corps heckled the president today at a so-called press conference with Mexican President Felipe Calderon. Two questions was asked, obvious ones about the Arizona illegal immigration law. Then away he went...I watched on Fox News as Tim Reid of CBS bellowed, "When are you going to have a real press conference?"

Good for Reid for keeping Obama's feet to the fire. Two days ago at a bill-signing ceremony for legislation promoting press freedom, Obama didn't take questions, but told Reid, "I'm not doing a press conference today but we'll be seeing you guys during the course of the week."

Obama hasn't had a real press conference in ten months.

Transformational change.

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1 comment:

Greybeard said...

"Chip" Reid John.
He and Jake Tapscott of ABC are the only lame-steam media reporters even approaching doing their jobs.
God Bless 'em for trying.