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Monday: Erie Canal day for the Tea Party Express

I've got a mule and her name is Sal
Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal
She's a good old worker and a good old pal
Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal

"Erie Canal," traditional.

The Tea Party Express is nearing its finish line--Washington DC on April 15. But there are more rallies to be held and more miles, many more than fifteen, to travel.

The freedom caravan had a morning meet-up near Detroit today, and once again, I have to marvel at the change of tone the establishment media has taken in regards to the tea party movement.

From the Detroit News:

The Tea Party Express pulled into Clinton Township Sunday for its final Michigan stop, drawing thousands tired of the Obama administration and demanding a change in government.

Chanting "Don't Tread on Me" and "Take Back Michigan," the crowd filled the front of the township's Civic Center Park and cheered as speakers pledged to defend liberty and oust liberal politicians. Many carried signs that read "Obama, You're Fired" and "America is not a socialist country."

James Muglia, a systems administrator and father of eight from Madison Heights, came with his twin 14-year-old daughters, Hannah and Natalie.

"We believe in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and we don't think that Obama appreciates that very much," said Muglia.

Andrea Shea King, who's embedded with the Express, has her own report on these patriotic Michiganders.

That afternoon the buses rolled into the Cuyohoga County Fairgrounds near Cleveland. WTAM-AM has a great collection of photographs from the event. As they did in Michigan, Victoria Jackson, a one-time cast member of Saturday Night Live, and Jim Labriola, formerly of Home Improvement, pumped up the bevy of Buckeyes. The final TPX function of the day just concluded in Erie, Pennsylvania.

TPX will hold its first of two Monday rallies at the Buffalo Naval Park and Canal Slip on the shore of Lake Erie at 11:00am EDT, near where the Erie Canal drains into the lake.

Buffalo was once proudly represented by Republican Jack Kemp in Congress, it has traded down, a lot, by having Democrat Louise "Slaughter Rule" Slaughter representing it in Washington.

Syracuse will be next--a 4:00pm gathering will be held at Clinton Square (named for the great DeWitt Clinton, not Bill or Hillary) in the city's downtown. That Clinton, a 19th century governor of New York, spearheaded the construction of the Erie Canal. Syracuse is another canal city.

Can't get your barge up to the Erie Canal? Then tune in to TPX TV.

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