Thursday, April 15, 2010

Links to Tax Day Tea Party reports

Here are some of the Tax Day Tea Party reports I found. Be sure to click on the header of each blog, since many of the journalists have posted more than one entry.

Chicago News Bench, Chicago
The Other McCain, Washington
theblogprof, Pontiac, MI
Carol's Closet, Tampa
A Tangled Web, Philadelphia
Respublica, Clayton, MO
Backyard Conservative, Chicago
Sister Toldjah, Charlotte, NC
TrogloPundit, Madison, WI
Anchor Rising, Providence, RI
Wheat and Chaff, Colorado Springs
America's Right, Philadelphia
The Lonely Conservative, Syracuse, NY
McHenry County Blog, Algonquin, IL
So It Goes in Shreveport, Shreveport, LA
Citizen Wells, Greensboro, NC
Fort Hard Knox, Tulsa, OK

More tomorrow...

Oh, if you know of a blog with an on-the-scene report of a Tax Day Tea Party, e-mail the link to john.ruberry "at"

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Jenn Sierra said...

Thanks for the link, John...great list of Tea Party reports!