Wednesday, December 02, 2009

One Dem hails Medicare Advantage cuts, but another denounced them

On the floor of the US Senate today, Sen Chris Dodd (D-CT) declared about the Democratic health care reform proposal, "What is cut are private health care plans under the Medicare Advantage program." He views that as a good thing.

But his Democratic colleague at the other end of Interstate 95, Bill Nelson of Florida said just three months ago:

I think it would be intolerable to ask the senior citizens on Medicare who have [Medicare Advantage] to give up substantial health benefits that they're enjoying under Medicare. For hundreds of thousands of seniors who didn't conceive of Medicare Advantage but who have come to rely on it, this senator is going to offer an amendment that will shield them from those benefit cuts. On existing senior citizens on Medicare. I don't think that we can punish senior citizens who signed up.

If the Democrats are smart, they'll listen to Nelson. Seniors vote, and the percentage of the voters who are seniors is higher in non-presidential election years. And seniors love Medicare Advantage.

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