Sunday, November 08, 2009

Upper Peninsula Upventure: Da Yoopers Tourist Trap

There are plenty of tourist traps out there that claim to be something much more, but Da Yoopers Tourist Trap is proud of its appeal to humanity's lowest emotional common denominator.

Da Yoopers is a store, an outdoor museum, and a lighthearted look at the culture of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It's located near Marquette on US Route 41.

The Finnish population of the U.P. is part of that cultural mix, on the right you'll see one of the trap's exhibits, a "Finnish love seat, which was created from the rear half of a car in honor of Marquette's hosting of Finn Fest in 2005.

There are a lot of other U.P. related displays in the museum, including a couple of outhouses--one is a "two-holer."

That's "Big Ernie" on the left, the world's largest working rifle. But isn't a cannon nothing more than a giant gun?

Was I captured by the tourist trap? Well, I did buy a U.P. T-shirt for Little Marathon Pundit there.

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