Monday, November 23, 2009

Libs afraid of Sarah Palin

"You don't need a weatherman to know which way Sarah Palin blows." That's how British government-run health care survivor and liberal Elvis Costello introduced a song last year, as you'll see in this video:

The Democrats control both houses of Congress, the White House, and arguably they've controlled the courts for decades. But like Elvis, it appears that the Dems are terrified of Sarah Palin, as Mitch Stewart of Organizing for America writes in an e-mail.

Right now, Sarah Palin is on a highly publicized, nationwide book tour, attacking President Obama and his plan for health reform at every turn.

It's dangerous. Remember, this is the person who coined the term "Death Panels" -- and opened the flood gates for months of false attacks by special interests and partisan extremists.

Whatever lie comes next will be widely covered by the media, then constantly echoed by right-wing attack groups and others who are trying to defeat reform.

As we approach the final sprint on health reform, we can't afford more deception and delay. We need to be ready for anything -- and have the resources to respond with ads, events, and calls to Congress when the attacks come.

...Stewart goes on to ask for money.

Keep up the good work, Sarah. And best of luck with your book tour.

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