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The Tea Party Express comes to Mishawaka, Indiana--part two

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After Rivoli Review left the stage, an African American couple, Selena and William Owens.

Selena spoke first, and she discussed her book, "The Power Within a Conservative Woman: Engaging America for God, Family, and Country." Contrary to what liberals would have us to believe, conservatism is well and alive, and it's way up on the radar in America," are among the declarations she made." William took over, and he told the crowd, "Let me say something to you: If you love God, if you lover your family, and you honor this country, then you are my brother and you are my sister."

He's an author too, his book is titled Obama: Why Black America Should Have Doubts

And to cheers, Owens declared, "I compared Martin Luther King with Obama and there is simply no comparison."

Amy Kremer, who blogs at Southern Belle Politics, who kicked off the Tea Party movement, talked about the growth of the phenomenon, which seemingly culminated on April 15. On that day, "Not only did we have 850 Tea Parties across this country, there was a small Tea Party in Oslo, Norway." She continued, "Because everyone looks to America. They had a Tea Party to show support for us and to stand united with us."

Many of the attendees' signs denounced Barack Obama's penitent attitude of America, and Kremer addressed that issue: "We're proud to be Americans and our president needs to stop going around apologizing for us."

Part three will be posted Thursday or Friday.

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Here are the upcoming Tea Party Express stops:

Pittsburgh/Cranberry Township, PA-2:30pm
Johnstown, PA-6:00pm

Thursday, September 10:
Scranton, PA-12:00pm Noon
Albany, NY-5:30pm

Friday, September 11:
Hartford, CT: 10:00am
Bridgeport, CT: 1:30pm
Toms River, NJ: 6:00pm

Saturday, September 12:
Washington, DC: Read more here.

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