Sunday, August 16, 2009

ObamaCare's British cousin calls in sick a lot

ObamaCare may be down but not out. The Sun is reporting that the bureacrats running its government-run health care agency--the National Health Service--have a lot of problems--such as not showing up to work.

Boozing and taking drugs resulted in NHS workers having a staggering 6,301 days off sick last year. The shock figures cover non-medical staff - everybody except doctors and nurses.

They were released after a request from The Sun under the Freedom of Information Act - and come as a huge embarrassment to the Department of Health, which has spent millions on anti-drug and alcohol initiatives.

Most of the UK's NHS Trusts already have strict zero-tolerance policies on illegal drug use.

A source at the Health Department said: "This figure could include everything from a glass of wine too many to more serious drug offences."

Statistics also reveal that 1.4 million non-medical workers took time off with stress, while 72,000 suffered mental disorders. A doctor at London's King's College Hospital said: "This is a real embarrassment to the NHS."

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