Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Hannity's report on Alexi Giannoulias

In my last post I wrote about Al Capone. Organized crime didn't take a holiday when Capone was locked up at Alcatraz, in fact, one mob figure got a couple of loans from Chicago's Broadway Bank, which is owned by the family of Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, who is running for the US Senate.

Below you can watch Sean Hannity exposé about the Chicago Democrat that aired last night:

UPDATE 6PM CDT: Here is Giannoulias' rebuttal, which he chose to post on the far-left Daily Kos site. Rather than pick it apart, I have a couple of questions Did Hannity request an interview with Alexi? Did Giannoulias turn him down?

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pathickey said...

Hannity is such a hump! He's make agreat Chicago journalist!

'Of the four bottles of Milk delivered by Oberweiss Dairy this morning three were White and yet in one of the other bottles was a light bown liquid! We though you'd like to know -FAIR and Balanced!'

Jesus, Park Banks originated through a consortion of Lithuanian dentists - No kidding. Greeks founded their own banks. Shocking.

Giannoulias pissed of Mike Madigan and ran ( cocky to be sure) on his own without the gradus - like our President.

I backed Giannoulias. I still do. I like Obama, much less so now, but would not vote for him. I love Mike Madigan.

Politics do be weird, but Hannity is a Hump.

Marathon Pundit said...

I thought it was a pretty good report, although the "exclusivity" of it was lacking.

He could have brought up the "new mafiya" loans, the alleged "granny grifting" case, and the fact the Alexi didn't vote in an election until his name was on the ballot.

pathickey said...

Quite right, Rubes. Like his 'expose' of Billy Ayers, Hannity 'filled America in' like a one armed cripple with the shakes filling in the Grad Canyon with a teaspoonful of dirt.