Sunday, August 02, 2009

Born in Mombasa? Breaking birther news

The White House can't ignore the Barack Obama birth certificate forever.

Dr. Orly Taitz claims to have what purports to be a Kenyan certification of birth for Barack Obama and has filed a discovery motion in a California federal court authenticate it.

Like Obama's Hawaiian Certificate of Live Birth, this document, if genuine, is not a birth certificate, but in essence, a declaration that a Kenyan birth certificate exists.

I'm not going to pretend that I have the skills to authenticate this document--even if it was right in front of me--but the birth certificate controversy is getting curiouser and curiouser.

Once again, and keep in mind I still believe Obama was born in Hawaii, I'm calling for the president to release his birth certificate to the public.

As I phrased it on Thursday, "Cough it up, Barry."

WorldNet Daily and Free Republic have more.

As for now, I'm focusing on the removal of Barack Obama from office--via the ballot box in 2012.

Hat tip to Andrea Shea King.

UPDATE August 5: I can't come up with any other conclusion, but Taitz has been had, and this document is a hoax. Still, and AGAIN (some people refuse to read my entire post), although I believe Obama was born in Hawaii, I don't why the president won't release his birth certificate.

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Bill O'Reilly will have this story debunked before airtime Monday!!

Rickahyatt said...

Are the Humiliating Netizens CHICOM or just ACORN?
Thank God for Attny. Taitz and her actions to save the US Constitution and the US, itself.
Ever notice: On ALL the search engine searches (Read they've been suppressing pro-birther results) the criticisms of all us "Birthers" is the same as they do in Red China?
There, the government employs a horde of "Netizens" to go to sites to humiliate & denigrate & suppress anti-government talk. They're paid about $.25 each, I've read.
Just like these apparent ACORN operatives do, they ALWAYS humiliate, denigrate, and use varying terms of "Mental Illness" in volume! Buzzwords like "Wingnut," "Birther," "Insane,"Unhinged, "Delusional,"
That's what happens to the average Chinese when they type out loud, and the Chinese have even more "Mental Health" Prisons as do the Russians.
The apparent wave of the future for us here in Obamaland?
But the CHICOMS have been waging economic and PSYOPS warfare on us a long time. They've apparently continued their terroristic use of Biblical prophesies (Remember what they did on 6/6/6?) by creating as part of The Big 0's Economic Manchurian Candidate grooming and Legend, that he's actually the Anti-Christ (Imagine the desired reactions.) That his name, "Barrack Obama," means "Antichrist," in ancient Hebrew in the Book of Luke, according to a religious researcher can be seen at this YouTube video on World Net News.

Genevieve Netz said...

I am not obsessed with the birth certificate thing, but it does seem really strange that the O. Administration doesn't just release his birth certificate and put the rumor mill out of business. I am not sure what purpose they see in letting this linger on. Do they think find it useful with their base to have the birthers look like right-wing nuts, -- or is there really something to the story, after all?

Unknown said...

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