Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Skokie's second Obama stimulus "campaign sign"

The first Barack Obama economic stimulus 2012 campaign sign I discovered was in Skokie, Illinois. The Chicago suburb now has its second sign, this one is about a mile from my Morton Grove home. You can find it on Dempster Avenue, near the Chicago Transportation Authority Yellow Line stop.

Kaufman's Bagel and Delicatessen, an area institution, is within walking distance of the sign, you can see the Kaufman's placard in the lower right hand corner of the picture.

If you live in Chicago, my suggestion is that you take the Yellow Line to Skokie, walk to Kaufman's for a corned beef sandwich, and marvel at the fact that Skokie has two $300 Obama campaign signs--paid for by taxpayers such as yourself.

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This stimulus project has been brought to you by the perpetual Obama campaign

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