Saturday, April 25, 2009

Universal health care warning: Pregnant Englishwoman denied free dental exam--because she can't prove pregnancy

Get ready for stories like this one from London's Daily Mail if the Democrats bring universal health care to the United States:

A mother-to-be has been turned down for free dental treatment - because the surgery will not accept that she is expecting.

Sarah Luisis, 27, who is five months pregnant, has been told she needs to provide more proof that she has a baby on the way.

That is despite the fact that she has a big bump, a doctor's certificate, antenatal notes and ultrasound pictures of her unborn child.

But she didn't have the necessary Maternity Exemption Certificate from the National Health Service.

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Anonymous said...

I'm already used to that sort of thing. I deal with health insurers all the time.

Levois said...

Paperwork! This is all over paperwork?

Matthew Mulligan said...

Cool! This just shows how much government can accomplish. Look how much money they'll save!!

Mr. Right said...

Perhaps she could offer to let one of the bureaucrats poke their heads inside her uterus and have a peek?


Nope, I take it back... par for the course.

Coming soon to an America near you!