Sunday, December 14, 2008

Saturday Night Live skewers Blago and his wife

Saturday Night Live just made it official: Governor Rod Blagojevich, his wife Patti, and the state of Illinois are national jokes.

From NBC 5 Chicago:

Saturday Night Live writers didn't miss the chance to take advantage of our scandal-plagued governor's misfortunes this week in their opening skit, bleeps and all.

Too bad the reality hasn't been all that funny for the people of Illinois.

The bleep-filled sketch of Gov. Rod Blagojevich pleading his financial case to a senate committee included a potty-mouth appearance by Illinois First Lady Patti Blagojevich.

Since the U.S. attorney's office detailed f-word-laced recordings of the governor and his wife amid charges he tried to sell president-elect Barack Obama's senate seat, Blagojevich has been fodder for comedians like Letterman, Leno, Colbert and Stewart.

The sketch was hilarious. Jason Sudeikis played Blago. The Elizabeth Dole character was great, she told Blagojevich that he was a disgrace to the people of Illinois, then she backed off, saying he'd be a disgrace to any other state--but not Illinois.

The Weekend Update portion of the show devoted a lot time to Illinois corruption references--one of the anchors made fun of Blago's hair, saying "It looks like his toupee is wearing a toupee!"

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Anonymous said...

John Rubber for lieutenant
governor. (R) David Axelrod rules.

Anonymous said...

Smelly Melly.

Anonymous said...

The primary questions that still beg are: What did Obama know & when did he know it? What did Rahm Emanuel know, and when did he know it? What did David Axelrod know, and when did he know it? What did Democratic Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. know, and when did he know it? What about Democratic Congressman Rangel's tax evasion..what did Pelosi know and when did she know it? What about Democratic Senator Dodd's special below-market mortgage rate from Countrywide, which was under Dodd's oversight on Senate Banking...what did the Democratic leadership of the Congress know and when did they know it?

Finally, why is the media not covering all these Democratic abuses of power, unless the media is also part and parcel of the abuse??

It is time for these corrupt politicians and the corrupt members of the news media to resign, but the problem with them, as with Illinois politicians, is that their culture of corruption is the only thing they "know" and they think it's okay to coverup corruption if it helps other Democrats.

Anonymous said...

I have a flatulent Blog.

Anonymous said...

Bush Sucks- Bush is Evil.

Anonymous said...

"Bush Sucks- Bush is Evil."

Oooh, how clever! Did you think of that all by yourself? Or did you need help from Al Franken?