Thursday, December 11, 2008

After careful consideration, Obama is "appalled" over Blago charges

If John McCain faced a similar situation in Arizona with a Republican governor selling his Senate seat, it would not have taken Obama two days, or in Blago-speak, two "bleeping" days to say he was "appalled."

What is becoming clear is that much like Bill Clinton, we'll soon have a president who governs by sticking his finger in the air, testing the wind, and then figure out what to do.

I've been "appalled" by Rod Blagojevich since he was a candidate for governor. I knew he was a phony reformer during his first gubernatorial run in 2002.

One of the groups closely allied with Blagojevich was the absurdly named Coalition for Better Government. Read more abou machine hack Dominic Longo here, and John "Quarters" Boyle here.

Longo has a vote fraud conviction on his resume, Boyle is serving a prison sentence for taking bribes.

Blago distanced himself from Longo and "Quarters" after becoming governor.

But the pair was part of the "Coalition for Worse Government" that put Blagojevich in office.

The adventures of "Quarters," who got his nickname after being convicted for stealing tollway change, and as well as Longo, were popular newspaper in fare in Chicago several years ago.

Obama never noticed? He was never "appalled?"

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the wolf said...

Yeah, Obama pleading ignorance here is a mite unbelievable. Obama knows what Chicago politics are all about. The guy who successfully got all of his opponents removed from ballots cannot seriously plead ignorance here.

I'm not suggesting Obama should or will be implicated in the Blago mess. I won't be suprised if one or more of his lieutenants is (with a requisite follow-up by O claiming he is just shocked and that this is not the Adviser B that he knew).

Watch how the media continue to provide cover for Obama. They already fell all over themselves announcing that Obama is not involved. Methinks they protest too much.

Anonymous said...

Obama is quite the actor.
How could he not have known
what was going on?

Anonymous said...

John Ruberry for governor. (R)