Friday, September 26, 2008

Barack Obama: Free speech phony

While you're watching Barack Obama's flowery rhetoric, keep in mind that his campaign has a dark side.

From an Ann Woolner editorial:

Barack Obama campaigns as if only Thomas Jefferson could match his devotion to free speech and open government.

He co-sponsored a 2006 law that put more government information, such as earmarks, online and now wants to expand it. He says he would "shine the light" on things like how much lobbyists spend to swing which federal contract for what clients and tax breaks for special interest groups. As president, he would post online bills that reach his desk for five days before signing.

And yet, when trying to squelch debate about the more troubling aspects of his candidacy, any Jeffersonian instincts evaporate.

When WGN-AM Radio in Chicago scheduled a two-hour interview last week with David Freddoso, who wrote The Case Against Barack Obama the campaign sent out an alarm to supporters, sparking an avalanche of angry phone calls to the station.

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