Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Paul McCartney sightings in Illinois

While the nation--and the world--has its eyes on Long Island's "Montauk Monster," in Illinois, we've had two likely Paul McCartney sightings--and not in places where you would expect to find the former Beatle.

On Saturday, McCartney was apparently spotted at the Route 66 Welcome Center in the Joliet Area Historical Museum, forty miles southwest of downtown Chicago. Free Chicago Tribune registration may be needed for to access the story.

Later that day, down the road on I-55, Sir Paul was seen at a gas station in Springfield, Illinois--he told patrons there that he was on the way to St. Louis. The Springfield Journal-Register posted the picture above--it sure looks like him.

McCartney was driving--here is the weird part--a 1989 Ford Bronco. But it had a Hamptons sticker--and the world's most famous left handed bass guitar player has a place there.

The Hamptons are in Long Island. No one knows if McCartney was asked about the monster.

Britain's Mirror newspaper is reporting the story as fact, and says that the man the they call "Macca," accompanied by his girlfried, Nancy Shevell, are on a road trip, possibly a cross-country one.

Paul McCartney: Possibly coming to a town near you.

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Anonymous said...

It was a 1996 Ford Bronco

John Ruberry said...

Both our cars are much newer. And I'm not a billianaire!

Anonymous said...

i saw him posing for a picture on delaware in chicago with his girlfriend and some friends of his. they were hugging them and there were several kisses on the cheek going on

Anonymous said...

Mr. McCartney should be respecftully treated with privacy. After all, many years of being hounded, Im sure it gets to be a bit much. If he's sighted, respect his privacy, dont hound him, follow him or disrespect his everyday life. he a normal every day person liike the rest of us. he just happens to create great music. he doesnt mow lawns for a living, or work behind a counter selling things. I feel for the guy, it really stinks not being able to grab a coffe without being followed or hounded. I would love to do the same if I saw him in person,BUT, I know that it just wouldnt be fair to him or his company. USE DISCRETION PEOPLE!