Friday, June 15, 2007

Hillary's "George Bush's War" comment may haunt her

The drive by the Democratic presidential candidates to appeal to the netroots comes with risks, as Steve Huntley of the Chicago Sun-Times points out:

"This is George Bush's war" may linger as a sound bite to haunt Clinton later. Already burdened by poll numbers showing her with high negative ratings, Clinton doesn't need to say or do things that give her enemies an opening to assert that, beneath her admirable Senate centrist record, beats the heart of an unreconstructed '60s radical.

Consider this: Would Clinton go to Baghdad and, addressing the troops, declare they are risking their lives every day to "fight George Bush's war"? Would she use those words at a funeral for one of the fallen from Iraq? Not likely. That goes to the point McCain was making: America's soldiers fight for America. Politicians, at least successful ones, are careful in their words never to forget that.

HRC made the "This is George Bush's war" comment at the last Democratic presidential debate. Of course Hillary voted to authorize "George Bush's War."

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