Thursday, May 31, 2007

Finally, a cicada sighting

Well, call it an "almost cicada sighting." What's pictured is the molted skin of a nymph cicada. This bug emerged from the ground probably early today near my home in Morton Grove. Soon millions of the insects will swarm the skies in the Chicago area.

The nymph has spent the last 17 years underground, feeling of tree roots. In the next two weeks, it'll joined by million of other cicadas. They'll breed, the females will lay their eggs in narrow tree branches, then they'll die.

Shortly thereafter, the eggs will hatch, the young nymphs will fall to the ground, and 17 years later they'll emerge. It's a real circle of life.

Cicadas are loud--in fact they're the loudest of all insects, their wail reaches 90 decibels. The Chicago area will be a buggy--and loud--place in June.

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UPDATE June 1: Mark at WindyPundit was in the southwest suburbs, and the cicadas are more abundant there. He has pictures.

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